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Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Certified Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Are your ducts bothering you? Are you constantly paying hefty electricity bills? Is there some kind of noise when your ducts function? Probably it is time to get professional duct cleaning service. Call: 03 4050 7394. to hire expert duct cleaners team in Melbourne, VIC. Full inspection of whole house duct work. Before and after pictures are provided if needed. duct cleaning, furnace cleaning. same day and emergency duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Insulation removal. Book an appointment today to know more.

Expert Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

My Home Duct Cleaner Melbourne – A Melbourne based duct cleaning service provider with only licensed and certified duct cleaners onboard. Our cleaners have rich experience and we train them as per our company policies to deliver only the best of service to our valuable clients. Our affordable prices make it convenient for you to hire duct cleaning services on a regular basis.

The Duct Cleaning Melbourne Modus Operandi

Before you hire us for your ducts, it is important to know how we do it. Here is the detailed process for our duct cleaning service:

  • The first thing we do once we reach your place is to inspect the duct thoroughly. We check for any animal intrusions, any major faults, and determine the extent of cleaning your ducts need.
  • We bring our truck mounted machines to perform the task. There are certain vacuum lines that need to be taken from our truck mount to your ducts. We lay these lines along with cloth pieces to ensure they don’t spoil your interiors.
  • There are certain cleaning tools that need special kind of access openings to get inserted. However, we make sure to close all of them with our duct cleaning services.
  • It is important that the vacuum power gets concentrated on a single spot. For this, we seal the registers. This process also results in blocking the entry of any contaminants from the outside.
  • Then we get rid of major dust, dirt, and solid particles of soil using our industry level vacuums.
  • Afterward, we clean the registers and vents by blowing high-powered compressed air.
  • We clean your ductwork with the help of professional rotary brushes for thorough cleaning.
  • Lastly, we clean the air handling unit properly and we ensure that we attend all duct faults.

You can ask for “before” and “after” pictures to know what exactly has been done.

Eco-Friendly Duct Cleaning Melbourne

At My Home Duct Cleaner, we have always made it a point to use ONLY eco-friendly duct cleaning methods. We never use any chemicals that could harm our clients or their family members. Further, our advanced duct cleaning tools help us achieve a high standard of duct cleaning without using any strong chemicals.

What Are The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning in Melbourne

We assure you of a noticeable difference in the working of your duct with our duct cleaning services. Here are some of the major benefits of our duct cleaning service:

  • More life for your ducts
  • Cleaner & hygienic ducts
  • Better quality of indoor air
  • Less power consumption
  • Better duct efficiency
  • Less diseases for inhabitants
  • Duct odor removal
  • Less cleaning requirement for carpet/upholstery

Give a try to our experienced duct cleaning services for better duct experience!

Melbourne’s Affordable Residential Duct Cleaning Services

For more than 20 years, My Home Duct Cleaner has been providing affordable residential duct cleaning services to Melbourne. Thus, our aim is to make duct cleaning a regular service in all households so that people of Melbourne can live stress-free with cleaner ducts. Through our guaranteed duct cleaning services, we deliver a healthier life to the masses.

Animal Intrusion? Call Our Duct Cleaners  Team Today!

We provide duct cleaning Melbourne for animal intrusion as well. So if your duct is being bothered by any animal intrusion – cats, mice, rats, possums, or a bird – let us handle it!

Commercial Duct Cleaning By Professionals

Professional Duct Cleaning

My Home Duct Cleaner offers professional commercial duct cleaning services at highly economical cost. Moreover, we understand that caring for commercial ducts is a pain, especially if the number is high. But with us being at your beck and call, you do not have to worry at all. Whether you have a small office, a shop, a restaurant, or a big hotel – we can take care of your commercial duct requirements. From basic duct cleaning to heater unit servicing, carbon monoxide testing, and commercial duct repairs, commercial HVAC air ducts cleaning– we do it all!

Same Day Booking: Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Need duct cleaning today? No problem; come to us. My Home Duct Cleaner provides same-day duct cleaning service at an affordable price. Additionally, we serve all areas of Melbourne, so no matter where you are in Melbourne, we can deliver same day duct cleaning at one single call! We are also open on weekends and public holidays.

Effective & Quick Solutions For Your Air Vent & Duct 

Want complete assurance for the money you spend on our duct cleaning service? We have got you covered. My Home Duct Cleaner offers you effective duct cleaning services for both residential and commercial ducts. This means that if we are unable to make you happy with our service, we will do it again without any hesitation. However, we always give our 100% to not give you an opportunity to ask for a re-service ever!

Melbourne’s Finest Duct Cleaning Services

Melbourne’s ducts are being cleaned by My Home Duct Cleaner for over two decades. When we started, our aim was to make indoor air healthy for Melbourne homes. With customer service as our first priority, we have served thousands of homes and offices in Melbourne till date. Additionally, our duct cleaning service is a value addition for your duct because we deliver the finest duct cleaning service in Melbourne. So, Call now to contact our professional duct cleaners today & get amazing duct cleaning & maintenance services today!!

Here are some other reasons why you should consider My Home Duct Cleaner for cleaning of your duct:

  • Licensed & certified duct cleaners
  • Lowest prices in Melbourne
  • Availability throughout Melbourne
  • Same day & emergency duct cleaning
  • Cleaning by latest tools & eco-friendly products
  • Duct cleaning & duct repair under one roof

Duct faults/damages and even dirty ducts could be fatal at some point. Thus, don’t risk the life of your loved ones by using a duct that has not been cleaned by professionals for more than 6 months. Pick up your phone and call for expert cleaners today!

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